FMM - Market Making Fund

7-Day Annualized Yield


  • Dividend/10K 0 XRP
  • Subscription Fee 0
  • Redemption Fee 0%

FMM project closed on Dec 17, 2017

  • No XRP will be distributed since Dec 17, 2017.
  • All FMM will be buy back at the price 1.1 CNY. We will put a long term buy offer there.
  • We will turn FMM to an internal project and keep running market maker bot.

It is over 3 years since we start FMM program. We learn a lot from this program.

  • To be a market maker is a good business. FMM buy/sell those fiat currencies, we can gain about 10%-30% per year.
  • The risk is from the gateways. In the past 3 years, so many gateways closed. Snapswap, RippletradeJapan, RippleSingapore, ExchangeJP, TokeyJPY etc. Luckily, we did not get any loss except TokyoJPY froze about 60k JPY (a small amount which can be covered by the profit).

Thank you all the FMM holders, it is you help the ripple gain more liquidity when it is young. Now, it is grow up, FMM is not as important as before. So we decide to stop the project and focus on other area, like apply distributed ledger technology to supply chain area.




  • 做市是有前途的,年化10%-30%是很容易的,如果只做利润高的品种,利润100%很正常。
  • 做市是有风险的,过去三年里,SnapSwap, RippleTradeJapan, RippleSingapore, TokyoJPY等等各国网关都倒闭了。靠着丰富的经验,我们除了被TokyoJPY坑了6万日元外,没有受到更多的损失。