Worker Proposal

BitShares 2.0 could have user-issued assets. It is also a decentralized asset exchange. As it is similar like Ripple which means ripple users can understand BitShares easily and be interested in it. They would try BitShares and buy BTS which is good for the whole community.

RippleFox is one of the top markets in Ripple. We want to connect Ripple with BitShares so both markets can be benefit.


  • Ripple Gateway Service
  • Deposit BTS to Ripple
  • Withdraw BTS from Ripple
  • Market Maker in Ripple


BitShares 2.0 可以发行资产,并且自带一个分布式交易所。 这些特性和Ripple类似,Ripple用户可以很容易地理解并对比特股产生兴趣。 这有助于让更多的人使用和购买BTS。



  • 网关服务开发
  • 充值BTS功能
  • 提现BTS功能
  • 在Ripple里做市并提供流动性