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Learn and use blockchain in China

Secure and fast

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Trade for any currency, both fiat and digital.

Buy XLM, XRP etc.

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RippleFox is also a Stellar Anchor

Send money to China is never so easy

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About RippleFox

We launched the gateway on May 1st, 2014. We would like to reduce our customers' cost by using Ripple and Stellar.


  • We are a community who live in China.
  • We like blockchain and the distributed ledger.
  • We are improving our life by using the technology.

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Credit circulation, Asset circulation & Value circulation

The next generation global self-financing blockchain protocol.

Implementation and application is the biggest feature of UltiLedger.

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Mr. Ripple Gateway

Mr.Ripple promotes business for the storage, exchange and development of valuable electromagnetic records, such as exchanging Bitcoin, Ripple, Litcoin, Dogecoin, Stellar, RJP, Ethereum. Being one of the biggest ripple gateways in Japan since 2014. Planning, development production, sales, consignment and consultancy of the web, system services and white label softwares development.

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Delta Education

Programming Education for Children

Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science.

We believe computer science should be part of core curriculum, alongside other courses such as biology, chemistry or algebra.

James Chen, the computer science expert would teach you.

Get 5% off if you pay with RippleFox CNY!

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Coin Pedia

Online Information Hub of Cryptocurrency News.

Coinpedia is an independent and free online information hub for the cryptocurrency news and digital coin info.

It provides a platform for the cryptocurrencies to introduce and update their information, News, PR, and articles publicly.

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Bowenpay (closed)

Bowenpay helps merchants issue widely used and fabulous experienced virtual currency. You can use the currencies in the stores like cash or send to your friends.

We used provided a federation protocol to connect to the app. You can use any currencies in Ripple to credit your Bowenpay account.

The case was closed.